Center of Excellence (CoE) Platform

The CoE platform has been set up to provide Africans all over the globe access to top class supply chain management certifications and trainings. The platform aims to catalyze in-country supply chain capacities with a mission of driving improvement in industries’ logistics and supply chain practices.

Launched in 2018

Platform provides access to certifications and trainings from top-class institutions such as International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA), HELP Logistics, a subsidiary of Kuehne Foundation, Multimix Academy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Strategic Objectives of the Platform

To identify and broker partnership opportunities between training institutions and beneficiaries

To provide subscribed members with access to discounted trainings offered by the institutions

To match the demand for supply chain management knowledge and expertise from the private and public sector

To gain access to supply chain resources including expertise, tools and resources in a coordinated manner

The Journey So Far

Institutions and Grants


Grant of $550,000 for 5 years


Market value of $1,400, grant of $200 for lowincome earners; $400 for mid to high income earners


Market value of $1,100, grant of $200 for low income earners; $400 for mid to high income earners

HELP Logistics Pharm and Health Supply Chain Management Training

Grant to train logisticians, market value of training is $125,000. Fully covered grant to train logisticians

Private Sector Organization Beneficiaries

Minimum of 14 private sector organizations have benefitted from the CoE platform offerings

Individual Private Sector Beneficiaries

Over 65 private sector individuals have benefitted from the trainings and certifications within the CoE Platform

Other Activities

  • Online Supply Chain Strategy and Artificial Intelligence/Machine
    Learning training opportunity from a German University


  • Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM)
    Certification in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM) funded by a donor (certification value over $2000)

Access to University Degrees

MIT – Zaragoza Scale Center

  • Blended Masters Degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Zaragoza Scale Center
  • Guaranteed slots for 5-10 individuals through the CoE platform in the Zaragoza Scale Center
  • About 50% discount on tuition at the ZLC Masters Program
  • Access to the MIT Boston Scale Center; 3 weeks in MIT Boston Logistics Center and 6 weeks in MIT ZLC

Morgan State University

Access to more Postgraduate and Graduate Degree Opportunities.

Multimix Academy

Access to more Postgraduate and Graduate Degree Opportunities.

Membership Fees

$120 per annum.

How to Sign Up

To learn more about this Platform

send an email to:
[email protected]