Hub for Supply Chain Innovation

The ARC_ESM expert pool platform has been set up as a platform for governments to access professionals
and experts to strengthen the implementation of Public Health Supply Chain initiatives.

Our Mission

Achieve ‘equitable access to medicines and healthcare commodities across Africa’, by complementing other actors to accelerate and sustain improvement in key supply chain outcomes including improving supply chain visibility,last-mile delivery, sustainability of supply chains, and supply chain performance

Our Vision

Equitable access to medicines and  health care commodities to all African  citizens

A Platform to Support Supply Chain Projects

The ARC_ESM expert pool platform has been set up as a platform for governments  to access professionals and experts to  strengthen the implementation of Public  Health Supply Chain initiatives.

280+ People

These are mostly Africans across the globe with supply chain and non-supply chain backgrounds who have signed up to serve as volunteers or consultants to support governments.

ARC_ESM Expert Pool

Goal A well-structured and coordinated platform with a pool of  5000 professionals readily accessible to support government health supply chain initiatives through individual  CSR approaches.

Responsiveness to government demands

Increased number and diversity of professionals within the platform to support government supply chain initiatives.

Quality of Service Offering to government demands

Institutionalize seamless processes that will ensure appropriate resource allocation to government demands.

Sustainability of the platform

Maintaining a cost-effective payment structure to sustain the management and continuity of the platform.

Expand the size expert pool

Expand the value proposition of the platform to all stakeholders by identifying relevant incentives and benefits to raise interest and commitments levels.

A Multi-Sectorial Platform

  • SC
  • Non-SC

Breakdown based on Expertise

  • Int’l
  • Home based

Breakdown based on Location

  • PS
  • Government

Breakdown based on Sector

How professionals benefit from the initiative

Professional Jobs

Explore a collection of job opportunities


Access to discounted free supply chain certifications from top-class institutions.


Opportunities for private-sector professionals to support the public health initiatives.


Access to supply chain ideation workshops & other knowledge sharing events.

Where we are headed

Bring upon key supply chain gatekeepers to introduce global perspectives towards supply chain management.

Create more opportunities for African  experts globally to be strategically involved  in in-country supply chain initiatives.

More problem solving, critical thinking,  intersectoral cross learnings between  the public and private sector.

Bridge the capacity gap of local supply  chain professionals within Africa to meet  up with international standards.

Honorary Member

  • Be a key player in shaping public health supply chain transformational work.
  • Support talent development of young Africans
  • Provide expert views and knowledge about global initiative
  • Access to ARC case studies and articles to get insights on how governments apply supply chain learnings
  • Get access to a pool of young African talents to support your initiatives within Africa (Voluntary & Consultancy)

Our Subscriptions Lite, Premium

Premium Package

  • Access to support government supply chain initiatives.
  • The opportunity to experience competitive hackathon series.
  • A Virtual network with global supply chain stakeholders.
  • Monthly access to knowledge products recognized within the regional and global supply chain industry.
  • Access to global, regional and national webinars, conferences and workshops facilitated by ARC_ESM network partner and affiliates.
  • Access to discounted capacity-building programs.
  • Opportunity to job placement adverts.