Development of eLMIS Scale Up Strategies and Associated Operational Plans

Gavi commissioned ``Development of eLMIS scale-up strategies and associated operational plans” and Gavi’s 5.0 vision for the period 2021-2025, Gavi commissioned GaneshAID and its partners (Mott MacDonald, CEL and Africa Resource Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management) to develop the three required components of eLMIS domain including Theory of Change, Five-year costed work plan and country budgeting guidance.

Project Scope

The project was aimed at supporting countries to scale up eLMIS interventions by developing an eLMIS scaling up strategy and a costed operational plan, in line with the overarching Gavi 5.0 strategy, the DHI strategy as well as the innovation strategy.

Africa Resource Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management provided in-country support to this GAVI project in the:

Development of the Gavi eLMIS strategy,

Development of a 5-year operational costed plan for the Gavi eLMIS scaling up strategy

Development of a country budgeting guidance