Experts’ Quarterly Brunch with the CEO

By: ARC Admin

Members of the Expert Pool with the CEO, ARC_ESM

The Expert Pool Platform of Africa Resource Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management (ARC_ESM) held its quarterly brunch with the Chief Executive Officer of ARC_ESM on Saturday 27th August 2022 in Abuja, FCT.

The physical event availed members of the pool the opportunity to discuss the Nigerian public health supply chain system; identifying challenges, opportunities, and needs. The event also presented a unique networking opportunity for members.

The C.E.O of ARC_ESM, Azuka Okeke, in her speech described the progress made in providing strategic support to states. She encouraged experts to apply their skills to nation-building by taking up volunteering and consulting opportunities in the states and stressed the need for more strategic partnerships between the public and the private sector.

Experts also shared their various experiences working with the various states as volunteers and consultants. The event ended with members recommitting to actively engaging their skills to provide strategic support to the government in alignment with the platform’s vision of providing access to professionals and experts for the strengthening of public health supply chains.

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